This is the page where other groups are to write feedback from playtesting sessions with our game.

Week 42Edit

The following feedback was taken during our playtesting conducted on the 17th October 2014:

- Motivation; there needs to be a clear motivation for the actions of the players.

- The ventilation shafts can easily be abused by an Alien player.

- Standstills because of aformentioned reasons.

Following things were requested by playtesters:

- Roundtimers

- More, and I quote, "Fluff". (Weaponry etc.)

- Additional Alien Creatures

A quick test of player classes were introduced at the last playtesting session of the day and the following feedback were recieved:

- Medics needs tuning.

- Soldiers seems fine.

- More classes required.

- Static Classes required.

- Class variation required.

Week 43Edit


-It was rather demanding for the human players to aquire items. Spending an entire turn didn't quite seem worth it most of the time.

-Something that could inhibit the alien from blocking paths. Perhaps a pushback on the players weapons, or if a successful attack allowed them to move the alien one square that the player chooses. 

-Some balancing of the Item and Alien cards perhaps.

-A bit of a minor point really, but perhaps a better way to keep track of health and sanity than dice that all have the same color. 

// Group 2


  • Make it so that a player can have time to grab more items than 1-2 items. I felt that I did not had the time to grab an item nor use items that needed me to spend a turn.
  • I thought that combat was not used as much as the movement. Is movement the core mechanic and/or is the combat included in that?

// Group 3


- Balancing items and alien cards

- More items and alien cards 

// Group 4


- A player should get an item as soon as they enter the item room instead of waiting one turn

- Character cards that describes the character abilities

- Alien pushback to prevent the alien to block doors.

-Maybe revamp the engineer ability, perhaps an ability to place 3 "alien blocks" instead?

-Combat has to be more efficient for humans. There is no reason to shoot the alien.

-Items were too hard to obtain considering what you gained from the item.

// Group 6


Week 44Edit


The game was very interesting to play as each players action had such a large impact on others and the outcome of the game.

The idea of having the invulnerable alien that cannot be killed, just slowed down in a board game worked really well.

Having the action cards and gear to equip also made a huge difference, especially for the players that had no clue what the alien could do.

The die rolling system worked really well, as I got completely destroyed by my own rolls. Rolling 1 on movement multiple times in a row really comes back at you.

Having that said i find the game to be balanced as i can clearly see how both sides can win, in our game everything was decided in the end. Where we as the human players did the mistake of starting shooting each others resulting in the alien winning the game. It was a interesting dead lock situation that occurred.

// Flan


The game was really interesting and I always felt like i could control the game. I played as the alien and I really felt like it, using mindgames and guerilla tactics to scare the players and force them to do as i wanted.

It was interesting that the alien couldn't be killed, and it rather only could be slowed. This caused the alien to become much more powerful and really made the players feel vulnerable.

The cards were really interesting and helped me as the alien to really take control over the humans and force them to rethink their steps several times. It also provided me with the extra mobility and strength required to feel like an apex predator.

The balance was really good and in the end everything was decided in the very last moment possible. The tension was very high through the later parts of the game and in the end everyone was on their toes.

//Oliver Bolt group 7