1. Concept Edit

Four humans, trapped on a human colony on planet X, have to survive and escape by any means possible, as the colony descends into madness and chaos when an Alien being attacks. Will the group of humans use teamwork to survive together as a group, or will the Alien pick them off one by one?

2. MDA (Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics) Edit

Mechanics Edit



Resources (Health and Sanity)

Sub-Mechanics Edit

Player Cards

Alien Cards

Player Classes

Dynamics Edit

Tactical and strategical gameplay in form of Teamwork for the Human players, and guerilla "attack-and-run" gameplay for the Alien player.

Pressure and isolation for the Human players; being numerical superior but inferior in strength.

Objective based play that forces the players to organize and work together in order to complete flee the space colony.

Aesthetics Edit

Human Edit

Paranoia, stress and vulnerability

Alien Edit

Power, control, agility and trickery

The Human players should gain a sense of paranoia from the Alien’s ability to appear almost anywhere in quick order. A feeling of stress should be enforced from to the need for each individual Human to complete their objectives. The Humans' ability to lose Health and Sanity should give a sense of vulnerability when put up against the Alien's lack of weakness.

The Alien player should be made to feel powerful from their invulnerability, and the combat and movement benefits given from their multiple dice. The dice, combined with the Alien's ability to move more freely across the map through ventilation shafts, should give a sense of agility. Adding in the versatility and unpredictability of the Alien cards, the Alien player should be able to feel like they have the power to trick and manipulate the Human players. All of these factors combined should give the Alien player a strong feeling of control against the other players.

3. Narrative Edit

The year is 1986, the space race went into hyperdrive during the late 70's, and the solar system was quickly colonized by the earth's competing superpowers. On one of those colonies, on the red planet called Mars, a group of colonizers have to fight of an alien menace that threatens to cut off all communication and escape routes of the survivors. There's only one way out, and both time and sanity is running out.

4. Level Design Edit

The level is specifically designed to allow the human players to gather items during the objective phase of the game. The dark blue rooms represent supply rooms where players are allowed to gather items by ending their turn inside of the room. This means that there is always two supply rooms close to each of the four objectives.

The starting position, which also doubles as a objective gatherer, is strategically put in the middle of a square that consists of four objectives. The starting position is positioned at a larger offset to the left of the map, giving the players one turn to move out of the room before the alien starts gaining on the humans.

Each objective does not correspond to the player starting positions, players may freely choose which objective square on the board they want to activate. This means that the objectives closer to the alien spawn may want to be taken by more advanced players (keeping in mind that the alien may still move freely across the map).


4.1 Supply Rooms Edit

Supply rooms, as indicated by a darker blue on the map, are the only way for players to gather Items. (see 5.5 Player Cards)

If a player ends his TURN inside of a Supply room, the player may gather a new item.

These rooms have been iterated and put close to Objectives rooms, as an integral part of the already laid out level design, in order for the players to more easily gather an arsenal of items.

4.2 Objective Rooms Edit

The objective rooms (see 5.7 Objectives), are four static points on the level that with a objective square (the green square in each of the room). Special rules apply for these rooms.

The Players who wants to complete a Objective had to first read their objective card, gathered at the start of the game, and then follow the instructions. (See 5.7 Objectives).

The Alien may not stand on a Green Objective Square (otherwise a objective can be permanently locked down by an Alien, creating a deadlock).

4.3 Com Center(Start) and Shuttle Bay (End) Edit

The Com center serves two purposes; human start zone and objective drop off zone. (See 5.7 Objectives).

The Com center also serves as the starting zone for the players. The four highlighted squares in the middle of the room is where the players may start their game.

The shuttle bay serves as the starting zone for the Alien.

The shuttle bay also serves as the end (and victory point) for the human players. (See 5.9 Win and lose conditions).

4.4 Ventilation Shafts Edit

The yellow Squares represents the ventilation shafts of the map, and the yellow lines represent the connections from where the ventilation shafts are connected.

The ventilation shafts works as "teleports" for the Alien player. The Alien may move through the Ventilations for as long as their Movement Dice allows the movement range. (See 5.4 Movement).

Ventilations Shafts can be blocked off by Human players by either standing on the Ventilation Shaft exit (the square) or by the Engineer with his special ability (see 5.8 Classes).

If a ventilation shaft square is occupied by a Human, the ventilation stream (the lines) are blocked off by that route, which means that the Alien may not jump to the next exit point behind the blocked route. (See Movement for clarification).

5. Gameplay Mechanics Edit

5.1 Humans Edit

The Humans are one of the playable factions.

There are 4 Human players, each with their own role (no duplicate classes). (See 5.8 Classes)

The Humans' goals are to complete their objectives, turn them in at the starting zone and escape the space station. (See 5.7 Objectives)

5.1.1 Resources Edit


The Human players start with 5 Health.

Health can only be lost by losing a melee combat engagement with the Alien player (see 5.3 Combat), or through the use of certain items.

The Human players start with 10 sanity.

If a Human loses all their sanity (0 sanity), the Alien takes control of the Human player, keeping all the same abilities and following the same rules as the previous human with the exception of being able to kill other players (Note: The alien may only use the human player during the same round order as the human would have played originally if it had not turned Insane). This is called "Becoming Insane".

5.2 Alien Edit

Only one player may play the Alien.

The Aliens goal are to grind down the humans, and not letting them escape the space station. (See 5.7 Objectives)

The Alien is equipped with two dice: Two for Movement, Two for Combat. (See 5.3 Combat & 5.4 Movement)

The Alien may only have two Alien cards at any given time. (See 5.6 Alien Cards)

5.3 Combat Edit

There are two different types of Combat in Colony.

Melee Combat (Aliens main mode of attack)

Ranged Attack (Humans main mode of attack)

5.3.1 Melee Combat Edit

Melee Combat can only be initialized by the Alien player.

Each human player has one melee combat die each.

The Alien player has two melee combat dice.

In order to start a melee combat, the alien has to stand in an adjacent square (<1 square away from a Human as a base value, can be changed by Alien cards, see 5.6 Alien Cards)


The Alien can not Attack in the following specific situations:

- A human is standing diagonally at the other side of a door.

- The Alien is stunned.

- The Alien may not attack through a wall.

The Alien CAN attack when:

- A Human is standing <1 square from the Alien. (See Alien Attack Range Demonstration)

- The Alien may attack ALL humans in range, starting a multicombat.

- The Alien ends the turn with an attack.

How Combat works:

- The Alien starts combat.

- Each Player rolls for their combat result.

- The Alien rolls two dice, the die with the highest result counts as the combat result.

- The Humans rolls one die each.

- If the Alien rolls HIGHER than a Human, the Human loses 1 HP and 1 Sanity (see 5.1.1 Resources)

- If the Alien rolls a TIE with a Human, the Human lose 1 Sanity.

- If the Alien rolls LOWER than a Human, the Human loses nothing, and gets to roll the escape die.

Escape Dice:

The Human may immediately roll their escape die after a combat. The amount of the roll determines how far the human may flee. This is disconnected to the Human players own turn, meaning if the player fleeing is playing the next turn after the Alien, it may roll for movement again during their turn. The human may move THROUGH the Alien with the escape die.

5.3.2 Ranged Combat Edit

Ranged combat can only be initialized by a Human player.

The ranged combat can be rolled for at the START or at the END of a humans turn.

The Human has a base value of one ranged combat die each. Can be modified by the Played Cards (see 5.5 Player Cards.)

The base value of Range is 4 squares from the Human's position. With exception of the Soldier class that has 6 range. (See 5.8.2 Soldier)

The Human can NOT attack due to the following specific situation:

- A Human is standing in the way.

- A wall is in the way.

- The class of the player is a Medic and does not have a weapon equipped. (See 5.8.3 Medic)

- The Alien is not in line of sight (see picture below.)


How Ranged Combat works:

- If the conditions above are true. The Human may roll one dice (depending on Player cards, see 5.5 player cards).

- If the roll is >4,5,6 -> The Human has hit the Alien. If not, it's a miss.

- If the Human hits an Alien with a Range Attack, the Alien lose a base value of 1 movement points next round (Example, A Human hits the alien. Next round the Alien rolls a 4 on their movement roll, it then removes 1 from the roll of 4, giving the Alien 3 movement points.) This can be modified by Player cards, as well as Soldiers who has a base value of damaging 2 movement points from the Alien.

5.4 Movement Edit

Movement is calculated by dice rolls.

The Level is based on a grid-space, one square on the grid equals one point of the movement dice roll.

Humans have 1 movement dice roll per turn.

The Alien has 2 movement dice roll per turn, where the Alien may choose the highest value of the two dies.

Alien Movement:

- May move through Ventilation Shafts.

- Moving through each ventilation shaft point cost one movement point.

- May not move through a blocked ventilation shaft.

- May not move diagonally through a door.

- May not move through Human players.

Human Movement:

- May NOT move through Ventilation shafts.

- May Block a ventilation shaft.

- May NOT move diagonally through a door.

- May NOT move through other Human players.

- May NOT move through the Alien, except during an escape roll.


5.5 Player Cards Edit

There are 52 Player cards.

The Player cards are separated into two different categories of cards; Item Cards and Weapon Cards.

A Human may only have two player cards in their hand at any given time.

A Human may choose to discard one card to draw a new one when inside of a item room.

A Human may only collect a player card if the following conditions are true:

- The player is inside of an item room.

- The player ends their turn inside of the item room.

- The player has less than two cards. (Note: May discard one card to gain a new card).

Item Cards

Item cards follows the model "Use-then-discard" meaning the items must be discarded when used.

The players must at all times follow the rules that the item cards state.

Item cards may be hidden from the Alien player.

Item cards are boosts that have a positive effect on the players;

- Health

- Sanity

- Movement

- Combat (Both Melee and Ranged)

The cards may also have a negative effect as well as the positive effect.

Item cards may be used during the players round.

If a player has two item cards, both may be used.

Weapon Cards

Weapon Cards have to be put next to the class ledger, making the weapon visible to the Alien.(5.8 See Classes)

Only one weapon may be equipped at any given time. The player may choose to have an additional weapon face down if the player has two weapon cards.

If the player miss their criteria (If the player misses their ranged attack) the item is discarded, as it breaks down.

Weapon cards give the following bonuses in various combinations:

- Range

- Combat Dice amount

- Movement point reduction from the Alien

- Knockback

5.6 Alien Cards Edit

There are 30 Alien cards.

The Alien may take a new Alien card each round (except, see below)

The Alien may only have two Alien cards at any time.

The Alien may discard an Alien card to draw a new Alien Card at the start of the next round.

Alien cards may be used at any time during the Alien Round.

Alien cards give the following bonuses in various combinations:

- Sanity reduction or modifiers for the Human players.

- Positional Changes for the Human players. (Ex. Swapping spots of two players)

- Combat Bonuses (Die rolls, Melee Combat Range)

- Movement bonuses (Ex. Extra movement from exiting ventilation shafts)

5.7 Objectives Edit

Each player is assigned one objective card each.

The objectives (The green dots on the map), are static, but are not linked to players before completion; meaning that the players decide themselves which objective room each player has to get.

The objective cards are formatted as such:

- Spend X amount of turns on the objective spot. (ENTIRE rounds, meaning first do not count).

- The Human player has to X, Y Amount of times to be able to finish their objective by walking into the objective spot.

- Conditional: Example; Another player has to have completed an objective before the player can complete theirs.

If a player dies before completing their objective, the objective is discounted and no longer remains in play. Giving the Alien incentive to grind down players rather than killing them off one by one.

A objective card is not COMPLETED and may not be discarded before the player has reached the middle with their accomplished objective card and spending one turn inside the COM Center.

5.8 Classes Edit

The players start the game by choosing one class each.

The Officer always starts first out of the Humans.

Each class has either a unique special ability or class specific rules (or both).


5.8.1 Officer Edit

Standard Rules.

Special Ability:

May choose to discard the officers turn to give the officers movement dice to another player this round.

The officer die roll adds to the players combined roll, meaning if the player rolls a 4 with their own movement die, and a 5 with the officer die roll, the player may move 9 squares this turn.

5.8.2 Soldier Edit

Special Rules:

- Has a passive +2 range. (6 Range in total)

- On a successful range attack, may remove an additional movement point from the alien. (2 in total)

No special ability.

5.8.3 Medic Edit

Special rules:

- May not engage in ranged combat unless a weapon is equipped.

Special Ability:

- May heal adjacent friendly human players on a roll of >4,5,6. (Ends turn with the healing ability.)

- The medic may not heal itself.

5.8.4 Engineer Edit

Standard Rules.

Special Abilities:

- Has two "Blockers". That can weld off ventilation shafts, blocking the ventilation off meaning the alien can not move through this ventilation access point.

- Has to stand on a ventilation shaft to put a blocker down. (Ends turn with the blocker ability).

- Once a blocker has been put down, it is permanently down until the game is over.

- May only put down 2 during the game. Once one has been put down, it may not be picked up, nor can it be modified.

5.9 Win and Lose Conditions Edit

Human Win Conditions:

- All players has completed their objectives. (see 5.7 objectives).

- All currently Alive players (if the above is true) spend an entire turn inside the Shuttle Bay.

- A player may not exit and win if not all players are present in the shuttle bay.

Human Lose Conditions:

- All players have been either turned insane or lost all their health.

Alien Win Condition:

- All players are either dead or turned insane.

Alien Lose Condition:

- All remaining players manages to spend one turn inside fo the Shuttle Bay without dying or turning insane. (As long as all objectives have been completed before, see above)