Third Draft - Week 44


Character Cards

  • Info cards has been made holding the individual health and sanity of the human players. Example to the right.


  • Humans may now shoot from a range of 1-4 squares and can shoot before they move. (Reasoning: no one was shooting and that aspect of gameplay was overlooked, we want to give players more incentive to shoot while balancing the shooting to not be too effective.)

Player Cards

  • Humans now draw a card when ending their turn inside of a card room. They may only have two cards per person at any one time.
  • We're added a few new cards.

Current Classes

Soldier (Changes)

  • Now has a range of 1-6 squares when shooting.
  • Now slow down the Aliend by -2 movement points on a successful hit.


  • The Medic no longer needs to spend a round to heal adjacent friendly player. She can now do it instead of shooting, with a successful die roll of 4,5, or 6 on a D6.
  • The Medic cannot roll to shoot the Alien unless wielding an item categorized as a weapon.


  • Can no longer place a turret.
  • Now has two marks she can place on ventilation openings to block them. She must stand on the ventilation opening she wants to block. Blocks must be placed at the end of her turn.

Event Cards (Scrapped)


They could be interesting if polished correctly, although we choose to put our focus on polishing what we had instead of adding more.


Changes were made to the map to make it easier for the humans to receive cards.

We had one iteration of the map that had a room on the far left side of the map that served as a place to turn in your objectives. We tested this to see if the Alien in turn got an advantage over the humans. This backfired and instead made it harder for the Alien to take down the humans as the humans became even more spread out. And so we never went with it in the end.

Second Draft - Early Week 43


A mockup of our current map as of Thursday the 23rd.



  • Alien now moves with 2D6 rolls. The highest roll of the two dices is counted as the amount of squares the alien may move.
  • Ventilation shafts may now be moved through by 1 move action, rather than having to Move in and out in order to activate the newly arrived ventilation.


  • Alien may no longer be killed. Every damage the Alien takes during the round will remove one move action from the Alien during the next round. (Reasoning: The Alien became passive at low HP which was at conflict with out Aesthetic Goals)
  • Several Classes has been created (Read: Classes), the classes has different range depending on which class you are. The range determines how far away you have to stand in order to shoot, and also within what range you can move away to 'damage' the Alien. Ex. A soldier has 4 range. The minimum range for shooting an Alien is 2, so the Soldier may shoot the alien anywhere between 2-4 squares.


  • If a player becomes insane (<1) Sanity, the player does not control the Insane player anymore. The Alien takes direct control of the newly converted player, and is played exactly like a normal player, except the Alien moves the Insane Player at the end of his turn.


  • Alien no longer has health.

NEW! Objectives

  • Objectives has been added to the game. Four static objectives are randomized to the human players. Each objective requires the player to reach a room and perform a certain action.
  • If a player dies before completing his or her objective, the objective is randomized (by dice roll) to one of the remaining players.
  • Each time a objective has been completed, an EVENT CARD (See Event Cards) is drawn.

NEW! Event Cards

  • Event cards are drawn when a objective is completed by the players. Event cards effects the game space in various ways. Ex. A room might be locked down, forcing players to take another route.

NEW! Player cards

  • Player cards can be collected in special rooms on the game space by the players. The Cards can be played at any time by the players.
  • The cards only affect Sanity, Health, Combat and Movement.
  • Example card; Spend X Sanity for X amount of extra movement this turn.

NEW! Alien Cards

  • Alien cards are automatically collected by the Alien each turn (with a max. of 3 cards at once). The Alien cards are designed to either Hinder Players or Boost the Alien. The Alien cards can also affect the game space (ex. Lock down a room)

A draft of the game map from Tuesday the 21st.

NEW! Player Classes

  • The Players may choose 1 of 4 classes. The Soldier, Medic, Engineer and the Officer.
  • The Classes are not yet finalized and will thus not be detailed here for now.

NEW! Current Classes


  • Attack range 4


  • May spend a turn to heal adjacent player
  • Does not carry a weapon by default.


  • May place ONE sentry covering a whole room.


  • May spend his turn to give a fellow player an extra movement die for the turn.

First Draft - Week 42


  • Players can move 1D6 per turn; they may choose not to move the full length.
  • Players may move in any direction; this includes diagonally, though they may not move diagonally past a corner.
  • All Human players start in different areas relatively far from each other.
  • The Alien player starts outside the base.
  • The Alien player may pass through ventilation shafts in order to move quickly across the base.
  • Players can never stand in the same square.


  • Humans may choose to attack the Alien when they are in a 2sq range of it. To damage the Alien they must roll a 4 or higher on a D6.
  • The Alien can only attack if it is in an adjacent square of a Human. If it is in an adjacent square of several Humans all adjacent players must act.
  • In combat the Alien rolls 2D6 from which the highest rolled die is the one being counted. The Human will roll one D6 and needs to roll higher than the Alien in order to escape.
  • After a close quarters encounter with an Alien the Humans will lose one Sanity point (SP).
  • Failure to escape will result in loss of 1HP and 1SP


  • All Human players starts the game with 10SP.
  • After an encounter with the Alien they lose 1SP.
  • Being in the same room as the Alien will result in loss of 1SP per turn.
  • When a player's Sanity reaches 5 they will go "insane"; when they are in this state they can attack other Human players.
  • When a player's Sanity reaches 0 they will join the Alien to take down the rest of the Humans.


  • At the beginning of the game the Humans start with 5HP and the Alien starts with 10HP.
  • When a Human's health reaches 0 they are dead and are out of the game.
  • When the Alien's health reaches 0 the Humans win the game.