Aesthetic Goals Edit

Human Edit

Paranoia, stress and vulnerability

Alien Edit

Power, control, agility and trickery

Dynamics Edit

The Human players should gain a sense of paranoia from the Alien’s ability to appear almost anywhere in quick order. A feeling of stress should be enforced from to the need for each individual Human to complete their objectives. The Humans' ability to lose Health and Sanity should give a sense of vulnerability when put up against the Alien's lack of weakness.

The Alien player should be made to feel powerful from their invulnerability, and the combat and movement benefits given from their multiple dice. The dice, combined with the Alien's ability to move more freely across the map through ventilation shafts, should give a sense of agility. Adding in the versatility and unpredictability of the Alien cards, the Alien player should be able to feel like they have the power to trick and manipulate the Human players. All of these factors combined should give the Alien player a strong feeling of control against the other players.

Mechanics Edit

Humans Edit

Core Mechanics Edit

Movement, combat and resources

Sub Mechanics: Edit

Items and classes

The Humans have a number of features, mainly movement, items, classes and combat. Movement for Humans makes use of a single die, of which the result should determine how far a Human player may move. Human players may slow down the Alien through combat, which also makes use of a single die. Resources take the form of Health and Sanity Points which, respectively, will either remove the Human from play or turn them into a pawn for the Alien player to control when depleted. Items, in the form of cards, give the humans certain benefits they may utilize in or outside of combat. These cards could take the form of anything from weapons to medical equipment. Each of the four Human players should be designated an individual class, which may give them special abilities, and affect the mechanics of combat.

Alien Edit

Core Mechanics Edit

Movement and combat

Sub Mechanics Edit

Alien cards

The Alien's features include movement, combat and Alien cards. As opposed to the Humans' single die, the Alien player may use two dice and use their highest roll for all movement and combat. The Alien has no Health or Sanity resources, and may only lose points of movement on its next turn from the result of Combat. The Alien's cards should have a wider range of use than the Humans', and may affect many different parts of the game including the Humans', the Alien itself, and parts of the map.